Case Studies



St Austell Brewery

Yeast Management System

ProControl have been working with St. Austell brewery for many years and have always been a great company to work with. They have installed and maintained our SCADA system over that time to great effect, enabling us to grow tenfold over the last 15 years. With new equipment and automated processes, we now brew 4 times a day where we once brewed 3 times a week. Neil and his team always work extremely closely with all the key stake holders in a project to ensure the control systems are exactly what the users wants, whilst interlocking and protecting to ensure safety and integrity is maintained.

I have seen many SCADA systems in breweries all around the world and I haven’t found one yet that looks as easy to use and user friendly as ours. ProControl have installed a Brewhouse SCADA system to control everything from our raw material bulk intake and movements, the complete brewing process, fermentation vessels, centrifuges, conditioning vessels, bright beer tanks, integration into packaging lines and the whole control system on our small batch brewery.

Rob Orton, Brewing Team Leader, St. Austell Brewery, Cornwall

The Lakes Distillery

Whiskey, Gin & Vodka Production Plant

The Lakeland Distillery, located near Bassenthwaite lake in Cumbia, was first opened in 2015. This ambitious project involved the complete renovation of a derelict farm complex from the 1850s, and to transform it into a modern production facility for whiskey gin and vodka, combined with a high-quality bistro and visitor center. The results are spectacular and well worth a visit. ProControl were approached to design and commission the automation software and control interface to control and monitor the complete production process from malt handling through to the spirit still.

We have been in operation at the Lakes Distillery now for 3 years and have produced over 150,000 Litres of Alcohol in that time. ProControl designed and support our SCADA Distillery control system. Whenever we need their assistance, either with a fix or an improvement, I find them to be first class. They are always available, even at short notice, they are reliable, professional and offer a level of support rarely found these days. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for any similar type of installation.

John Drake – Distillery Manager


Data Centre Building Management System

Bluechip is the largest independent IBM support company in the United Kingdom, and run two state of the art data centres in the Bedford area. Both sites use a combination of evaporative cooling and tradition computer room air conditioning to ensure a constant supply a highly-controlled airflow through the data hall equipment. The result of this innovative approach is two of the most eco-friendly data centres in Europe. ProControl were tasked with designing the building management system (BMS) which covers both sites and controls the air handling systems as described above. In addition, the BMS monitors data hall temperatures, fire detection equipment, electrical power distribution and backup systems, and power usage. Displayed on a large screen in the control room, the BMS provides an animated graphical representation of both sites and quickly alerts operators to any issues as they arise

‘ProControl have been looking after our BMS for several years, during this time the system has grown rapidly as our facilities have expanded. We find them professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, they are always available when needed.’

Paul Murray – Data Centre Manager

Aegir Engineering

Yogurt Filling Machine

Aegir Engineering are our neighbours at the Rural Enterprise Centre in Shrewsbury. They are specialists in repairs, refurbishment, modification and servicing of filling machines predominantly in the dairy industry. We recently teamed up with Aegir to carry out a full refurbishment and modification of a regal RP103 rotary Yogurt filling machine. This involved replacing of the old legacy equipment with a brand-new automation system including an Allen Bradley Compac Logix PLC with a 5-axis servo drive system and a new Panel View Plus HMI. The machine is now up and running at the Irish Yogurts factory near Cork.

‘We use ProControl regularly for our software requirements. They are always helpful and innovative and produce quality work for a sensible price.’

Mark Cooper – Managing Director

Anaerobic Digestion

Multiple sites and customers

Over the past 6 years, ProControl have been heavily involved in the setting up of many new anaerobic digestion plants and extensive modifications to existing systems. We have delivered several complete electrical control systems to project management companies who built mesophilic AD plants. We have also been involved with a number of self-build projects using the thermophilic method. As a result, we have gained extensive knowledge of various feed systems, digester heating and mixing, digestate discharge, separation and drying, and integration with combined heat and power (CHP) engines. More recently we have been actively involved in the retro-fitting of new feed systems which has markedly increased gas yields and engine runtimes. One of our most successful sites has been the Kieseby estate in Lincolnshire. Following a traumatic start to the project, Procontrol teamed up with the owner to commission and refine the system to a point where enough gas is produced to consistently run a 150KW engine 24 hours a day.

We built an Anaerobic Digester on our family arable farm through 2015/16. It was a traumatic development with the main contractor going into administration halfway through the build. This left us in a situation with the plant essentially finished but not commissioned and with very little in house knowledge to get the project up and running. Eventually a new company did emerge to take on the build but an essential element to the eventual success of the plant was the relationship we built with ProControl Automation Ltd. Their ability and professionalism was an essential ingredient to ensure the smooth running and automation of the plant, not an easy thing to do considering the number of different contractors that had been involved in the project. Now we have been up and running for 18 months ProControl remain a key player in the continued running of the plant and the support agreement we have with them is crucial to its success. The support package they offer has been more than reliable and we have been able to limit our down time to an absolute minimum with some timely remote assistance as well as on-site support when necessary

Simon Richardson MD, Kiesby Estate AD


Troubleshooting & Commissioning

Vogelsang are large multinational company who are big players in pumps and maceration technology. They develop and manufactures a wide range of powerful machines and systems for industrial, agricultural and municipal applications. Following a successful joint project, ProControl were approached by Vogelsang to complement their technical presence in UK and northern Europe. Vogelsang now regularly employ the ProControl team to assist with commissioning and troubleshooting on electrical control systems associated with their equipment.

We first met Duncan Hill, three years ago, when he was working on a project in the anaerobic digestion sector with which both our companies were involved … and following that experience we have used him and his company ProControl Automation Ltd. directly on multiple projects (in that same sector). Duncan is organised, reliable and professional and exhibits a real ‘can do’ attitude that is so often missing with other organisations (offering the same kind of service). On these projects there is always a lot of proprietary instrumentation and an interface with other manufacturer’s control systems – and he by and large makes sure that these hurdles are overcome with a minimum of fuss to ensure that the end user gets an overall system that is ‘fit for the purpose’ in a short a time span as is possible. We would happily recommend Duncan and ProControl Automation Ltd. to others

James Tolson- Managing Director, Vogelsgang UK